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Top Tables For Two

A meal down your local Italian is all well and good. But if you really want to impress this Valentine’s Day (and make it last a week) we suggest you widen your horizons – to Mexico, Tenerife or Egypt, to be precise. Reason being, our Sensatori resorts are breaking the mould when it comes to hotel dining. In fact, they’re flaunting a clutch of restaurants worthy of a capital city address. Check these tasty morsels out for size and make it a February 14th to remember…

Nami, Sensatori Resort Tenerife

Sensatori TenerifeThe stone tunnel that leads you to this restaurant acts as a portkey, transporting you six thousand miles east. Inside, glossy black tables are set with lipstick-red placemats, chopsticks are lined up with military precision, and there’s a terracotta army to keep you company. The sushi is every bit as authentic as the setting. Cylinders of sticky rice support slivers of salmon, octopus and squid, and delicate rolls of seaweed hold together ingredients like crab, avocado and cream cheese. You can also pull up a pew at a teppanyaki table and watch chefs sizzle up meat, vegetable and noodle concoctions. Our top pick? The lobster tail.

Le Chique, Sensatori Resort Mexico

sensatori resort mexicoLe Chique has so much New York swagger you half expect to see Carrie Bradshaw and co sipping cosmos in the corner. But it’s not the jet-black marble or the hot pink lighting you’ll be talking about at the end of the night – it’s the food. The head chef here did a stint under Ferrán Adriá – he’s the legend who heads up El Bulli, a famous Spanish restaurant with a two-year waiting list. So, what you get is a 14-course dining spectacular where weird, wonderful and wow are the watchwords. The menu changes regularly but previous concoctions have starred edible roses, liquid olives and, bizarrely, cigar smoke. Heston Blumenthal eat your heart out…

Marhaba, Sensatori Resort Sharm El Sheikh

Sensatori Sharm el SheikhWith its meze-heavy menu, Marhaba’s food philosophy is ‘the more, the merrier’. And with no less than 50 Middle Eastern favourites to pick and choose from, you’d be mad to bid farewell to this place having only tried one. So, come armed with a big appetite and eeny-meeny-miny-moe your way down the list of foreign fancies. Before you know it, your table will be piled with everything from badhinjan michschi – that’s baby aubergine stuffed with onion, garlic and pistachio – to fatayer – a melt-in-the-mouth pastry parcel that’s paired with spinach, cheese or minced lamb.

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