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Behind the Scenes of Thomson’s TV Advert

Your ‘Access All Areas’ pass to our hit TV ad…

Our most recent TV advert has proven to be a big hit with audiences, judging from the great feedback we’ve had. Using a mix of real and faux vintage footage – plus some bang-up-to-date stuff – it’s a snapshot of how holidays used to be, and how they are now with Thomson.

It starts off with a trip down memory lane, looking back at some of the great holidays over the past 50 years – dodgy perms and epic sideburns all present and correct. Then, it fast-forwards to the present, with scenes shot at Sensatori Resort Sharm El Sheikh. It’s one of our top 5-star resorts with 6 restaurants, glam swim-up rooms and state-of-the-art kids’ clubs among its many plus points. Sensatori Tenerife also makes an appearance – it’s the only hotel in our collection to have been awarded an extraordinary 5T+ rating. Ultimately, the ad is showing that times have changed when it comes to holidays – and so have we.

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of how we created those nostalgic holiday shots…

The new advert had a tough act to follow – last year’s ad was a hit, too. It focussed on the concept of spending quality time as a family, to the stunning voice of Sunday Girl covering The Pixies’ ‘Where is my mind?’ – the song was later released after we were inundated with customer requests.

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4 Responses to “Behind the Scenes of Thomson’s TV Advert”

  1. Ann Santon

    Hi going on celebration may 2013 as this ship is going platinum may this year can you advise that this is completed thanx Ann Santon

    • Lauren K @Thomson

      Hi Ann, All of the public areas and cabins are now finished. I hope you have a lovely time.

  2. sheila Curley

    This advert should be removed it is disgusting ,There are a lot of disfigured people in this world and you are making out that someone who looks different for whatever reason suddenly get a `normal relaxed face ` by having one of your holidays .If only that was true for the people who WERE actually disfigured !

    • dave

      Sheila lighten up , it’s a beautifully shot film , go take your over sensitive views to , the Guardian or Social Workers monthly ?


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