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On Location: Siam Park In Numbers

Where in the world can you find a lazy river so long it takes 30 minutes to swim around, and a slide with so many lanes you can race the whole family? Siam Park – as Laura Weeden found out…

Last week I escaped the cold for a couple of days in Tenerife. First on the agenda was Siam Park – one of Europe’s biggest waterparks, and must-do while you’re in this part of the world.

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The park is just outside Costa Adeje, in the south of the island. It took 4 years to build, and no wonder – it’s packed with rides and attractions, not to mention its very own beach. To prove its vital stats are nothing short of supersized, here’s a quick numerical rundown of what you can expect…


That’s how many square metres of land the park covers. Take a look at the interactive map and you’ll get an idea of the scale – you’ll be in danger of getting lost without it.


That’s the height in metres that the waves in the surf pool reach – they’re said to be the biggest artificial waves in the world. Swim out and try to body surf them, or stay in the shallows and let the foam crash over you. Just hold on to your swimwear…


That’s how many feet you’ll plummet down the near-vertical Tower of Power, before shooting through a shark-filled aquarium. Yes, sharks. Really. Wimps need not apply.



There are half a dozen lanes lined up side by side on the Naga Racer, so you can fit the whole family on for a speed-slide tournament. My advice? Keep your head as close to your mat as possible. Yes, you’ll get a face full of water, but thanks to your streamlined shape, you’ll be smugly zipping past your competitors.


It’s the length – in metres – of the Mai Thai River. It’s not your bog-standard lazy river, either – on your half-hour circuit you’ll float past waterfalls and over Jacuzzi®-style jets, spin down a series of mini-rapids, and bob beneath razor-toothed sharks.

slava296 / Shutterstock.com


That’s how long Siam’s newest super-slide – Kinnaree – is in metres. Staff have nicknamed it the pick and mix slide because it brings together the best bits of the park’s scariest rides. So once you’ve hopped into your 4-person raft, you can expect everything from gigantic funnels to stomach-churning drops.

Get involved – book a holiday to Tenerife, and tag on an excursion to Siam Park as part of your trip.

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