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The Making Of Thomson’s New TV Advert

Time to reveal exactly how we brought our new ad to life with the help of a little Hollywood magic…

We hope you’ve already scoped out our epic new ad – if not, take a look pronto – so the time has come to show you the trickery behind Simon’s story.

Our ad is all about how a holiday can transform you into the best version of yourself – here’s how it brings this concept to life…

So, how did we create our over-sized hero? It was thanks to some Hollywood special effects artists, a whole lot of make-up and a complex CGI process. Check it out…

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34 Responses to “The Making Of Thomson’s New TV Advert”

  1. dennis hayes

    Simon the ogre advert frightened the hell out of my grandson who is 4 years old. I myself found the advert totally repulsive & if I had my way I would insist on it being shown after the watershed. It certainly wouldn’t encourage me to go on holiday with your company. Do us all a favour & take it off the air.

  2. Julie

    please could you tell me what the piece of music is in the Simon the Ogre advert that is running ….. it is lovely. Thank you.

    • James @Thomson

      Hi Julie, The music for the advert is performed by One Republic – Secrets by the Piano Guys (Orchestral version).

  3. pat

    Dear Sir Or Madam,

    This Advert is the most Disturbing Thing I’ve Ever seen, If this is you way to try to get people to use Thomson Holidays, I Think your making a big mistake


    • JAN


    • Helen

      Are you for real, if that’s the most disturbing thing you’ve ever seen, god help you. A sweet advert with beautiful music

  4. Irish Liam

    I wonder what the reaction would be if a female was used in the advert instead of a male.

  5. dave

    Did tilly actually slip on the beach …in the film , and it was kept in ?

  6. steven perry

    can you tell me which resort it was ,that was featured in the new simon the oger advert.

    • Elaine @Thomson

      This was filmed at our Sensatori Hotel in Crete Steven. If you’ve got any further questions please let me know.

  7. John Wells

    Great ad. A fable about just what holidays are about for the vast majority of people – annual regeneration

  8. Chris

    Why so many negative people on here, it’s light hearted & fun.
    To be honest that could be me according to my wife and I agree. Seriously, chill out!!

  9. Diane varney

    Absolutely awful….. Take it off, it certainly wouldn’t encourage me to book a holiday!

  10. Alexa

    Such a sweet and thoughtful advert. My family and I are always disappointed when they only air the shorter version. The music is beautiful and it’s a very touching concept.

    Well done! Don’t pay any heed to some of the tripe being posted on here. Whoever thinks this sweet little film is offensive is daft!

    • Sam Jennings

      it’s a brilliant advert shows the true meaning of a family holiday, ignore all the haters they need to crawl back under their rock

  11. Alice

    I love it, a tongue in cheek look at how stressed we all get in modern days, where’s the harm. I suspect the people who complain are recognising themselves just a bit too much!!!
    As for the lady with the nervous 4 year I guess he hasn’t seen Shrek either?! Watch out for that Scary Mickey mouse too, wouldn’t want your grandson to scream at scary giant mice!
    If you don’t have anything nice to say then why bother?
    I came on here to find the music and am flabberghasted with the spite; ridiculous, some people have a real life to worry about and enjoy ‘fun’ ads! Where’s the harm, nice one Thomson at least you’ve got them talking.

    • Sammi @Thomson

      Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, Alice. I can confirm that “Beethoven 5 secrets” performed by the Piano Guys has been licensed for use on our advert.

  12. Colm

    This is a beautiful ad, Crazy people here, has this 4 year old never seen any Disney films? Says more about the adults than the child.
    Great ad

  13. Will

    Awful advert. The music is cheesy, the whole thing is cheesy, cringe. I’ve booked with someone else.

  14. Jason enos

    Forgot to say some of the neg comments totally over the top and uncalled for, the guy who said his grandson was frightened was slightly over dramatic there’s scarier creatures on a Pixar movie. Maybe the neg reviews are employees from rival tour operators it’s just a thought !!

  15. Nicola

    Love, love, love it. Yes there are probably politically correct issues to deal with – why does Daddy have to be the ogre, could mummy not be the stressed out overworked one???? Maybe one day we will see Simona the Ogre.

    But honestly, as the mother of 2 young children that is exactly the way a holiday starts. Both mum and dad unwinding and getting into the swing of things and then really, really enjoying being with their little people.

    Not everybody will like it. I do. A lot!

  16. Bob Monk

    Absolutely superb. It is rare to see such an inspired piece of advertising – especially for a holiday company. I’ll admit to being this ogre at the beginning of cmas hols… Anyone that is offended by this really needs to get their head examined – it’s a metaphor pure and simple – and a brilliant one at that. Well done Thomson.

  17. Ian pointing

    I can relate to this advert I think it expresses the relief from everyday stress
    I applau

  18. Fr Bill+

    I was pleased by the creativity of the advert. And I’m at a loss as to why a four-year-old would be frightened by it. Surely there must be other frightening things around the child – such as a grandparent subjecting a child to the advert, demanding that they hide from the scary ogre….who knows!

    In our world of bombarding children with inappropriate imagery, it was a refreshing and gentle advert, giving a fairly accurate depiction of family life and the necessity to escape for a bit and enjoy a young family life. Far too often families lose track of these precious moments and they never have the opportunity to return.

    Well done! Would love to see a bit more exposure about the new 787, just from a sales perspective. But overall, a jolly creative and well presented advert!

    Three stars and a plus!

    Fr Bill+

  19. jason

    Some of the comments here are truly astonishing. Should be on after the watershed? Tasteless? Awful? I think the negative comments reflect more on those making them.


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