• From wash bags rattling with hotel toiletries, to bookshelves overflowing with guidebooks, here’s how you know you’ve earned the title of ‘frequent traveller’, according to Team Thomson…
    At Thomson HQ we like to think we’re a well-travelled bunch. So when I challenged my colleagues to complete the sentence “You know you’re a frequent traveller when…,” they came up trumps, offering everything from bizarre anecdotes to handy tips. Here’s what they said…


    You Know You’re A Frequent Traveller When…

    …you’ve got a purse full of the wrong currency.
    Laura Weeden, Travel Writer
    …you’re on first name terms with the waiter at Gatwick’s Café Rouge.
    Jayne Ephgrave, Photography & Video Creative Manager
    …you’ve got a drawer filled with 100ml toiletries and 20cm x 20cm Ziploc bags.
    Sarah Jeffreys, Content Executive

    …you automatically pack an adaptor when you’re going to Norfolk for the weekend.
    El Berwick, Blog Writer
    …you can sleep straight through long haul journeys. I once snoozed from Finland to Japan.
    David Bloor, Retail Designer
    … your pashmina is the first thing in the case. Good for chilly nights, sunburnt shoulders, covering heads in religious buildings, carrying seashell collections, handy pillow when folded, eye mask when it’s too bright in the morning, towel for an impromptu swim – and for holding a cut foot together on the way to the hospital (yes, I did throw it away afterwards!).
    Susan Hambidge, Content Management Executive

    …your flight clothes are security-friendly – so no belt, no metal jewellery and no heeled boots.
    Catherine Roberts, Travel Writer
    …you’ve got your next holiday booked before you’ve even packed for this one.
    Sharon Atkins, Content & Production Manager
    …your wardrobe is organised by holiday theme, i.e. city break, beach getaway, ski holiday.
    Jenny Childs, Freelance Travel Editor

    …you have a permanently packed wash bag.
    Nicky Jones, Content & Advertising Manager
    …you have Excel sheets filled with must-dos and must-eats and their addresses. It’s handy if you don’t have data roaming abroad.
    Georgia Anderson, Travel Editor

    We’ve had our say – now it’s your turn. What do you think makes a frequent traveller?