• It’s fair to say we’re more than a little proud of our super-plane. The 787 Dreamliner has a (long) haul of enviable features to its name, which all combine to ensure the start – or end – of your holiday is as relaxing as possible. Read on to find out why our aircraft is nose and wings above the rest…

    1. Bigger seats

    In Economy Club and you’ll get a 33” or 34” seat pitch – we don’t like to brag (much), but that’s more legroom in economy than BA, Virgin Atlantic, bmi and Monarch. Upgrade to Premium Club and you’ll get 38”, which means you’ll be swimming in space.

    2. Huge windows

    Windows on the Dreamliner are about 30% bigger than the size of those on your average plane. They also dim at the touch of button when you want some shut-eye.

    3. Room overhead

    There’s no ducking needed in the Dreamliner – the whole plane is really spacious.

    4. Mood lighting

    Snazzy high-spec mood lighting that mimics things like dawn and dusk will result in your body clock being more in tune wherever you’re heading on the Dreamliner. And, y’know, it looks pretty.

    5. A quieter flight

    During take-off and landing, the 787 Dreamliner generates 60% less noise than standard planes, so you can start snoozing as soon as you get settled. It’s quieter in the air, too.

    6. Quality time

    Indulge in some proper ‘me’ time with state-of-the-art seatback TVs, and enough inflight entertainment to keep you amused from wheels up to wheels down.

    7. Free drinks

    From November 2014, we’ll be serving complimentary drinks in Economy Club on all our long-haul flights. That means soft, alcoholic, and hot drinks are free of charge. Cheers!

    8. More oxygen

    Now for the science bit – the Dreamliner’s cabin pressure allows more oxygen to be absorbed into your blood, meaning you’ll leave the plane as fresh as a daisy. Plus, better air filtration and more humidity mean reduced symptoms of jetlag #winning.

    Don’t forget…

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