• This may just be our most exciting competition so far. If having our newest 787 Dreamliner named after you, as well as bagging a luxury holiday for two to Mauritius, sounds like something you’d be interested in winning – surely that includes everyone – read on to find out how to enter…

    Instagram has stolen Twitter’s crown as the leader of social media. Case in point? Last year, it was Thomson’s Twitterati who christened our first ground-breaking 787 Dreamliner. This year, however, we’re turning to our loyal band of Instagrammers to determine the name of the sixth aircraft in our 787 fleet. Yes, that means you. Here’s all the info you need to know about our win-the-prize-of-a-lifetime competition…

    How do I enter?

    Easy. Just snap a pic of one of our Dreamliners (or hunt out one you’ve already taken) when you’re off on your travels to far-flung spots like Mexico, Jamaica and Thailand – or even on the runway in the sunny *ahem* UK. So what sort of thing are we looking for? Photos can be captured in or around a 787, and can be anything from dramatic views out of the large windows, arty frames of life inside the cabin, or exterior shots of our super-plane. The more creative you are, the better. Then simply share it on either of our @thomsonholidays or @firstchoiceholidays Instagram accounts.

    [Photo courtesy of @miss_jess]

    Is there a hashtag?

    Is the sky blue? Make sure you tag your pics with the all-important hashtag #787pics.

    What’s the prize?

    How many people do you know who’ve had an actual plane named after them? A big fat zero, right? So, if you win, our newest Dreamliner will have your first name emblazoned on it and, quite frankly, you’ll have bragging rights forever. And if that’s not amazing enough, we’re also throwing in a 7-night holiday for two to the luxury 5* Ambre Resort and Spa Couples hotel in Mauritius. We know we’re not allowed to have favourites when it comes to our hotels, but this one’s not-so-secretly on our list – check out the pics and you’ll get an inkling why…

    When’s the deadline for entries?

    The competition closes at 6pm on Friday 16th January 2015.

    Who decides the winner?

    The entries will be judged by über-talented Instagram photographer, Jess MacDonald (@miss_jess), who – along with the panel of judges from the airline – will draw up a shortlist of the 5 stand-out shots. The finalists’ images will then be posted on our Thomson and First Choice Facebook pages, and the one with the most likes will be announced the winner.

    Help… I need some inspiration!

    Here’s a selection of inventive shots taken by some of our Dreamliner fans…

    [Clockwise from top left – photos courtesy of @mummydaddyme, @steadyvxr, @miss_jess, @thomsonholidays, @lgw340, &@xantheb]

    So, what’s all the fuss about the 787 Dreamliner?

    Where do we start? It’s faster, quieter and more eco-friendly than standard planes. Not only that, it has all sorts of whizzy extras like mood-lighting and re-jigged cabin pressure that, together, knock jetlag into touch. As for the seats, we’re talking 33” or 34” in Economy Club – more than you get from BA and Virgin – and a whopping 38” of wiggle room in Premium Club. Put plainly, it’s revolutionised long-haul flying. Next year, we’re also proud to announce we’ll be flying to new destinations, including the only direct flight from Europe to Costa Rica in November 2015. Race you to Departures…

    Good luck everyone!