• Here at Thomson Towers we love learning about the world. And we also love putting our hard-earned travel knowledge to the test. So we’ve put together a series of quizzes based on our favourite countries, starting with Thailand…

    Whether you’re a geography geek, a holiday addict or you simply love BuzzFeed, there’s nothing like a travel quiz to awaken those brain cells. We’ve pulled together 10 questions on Thailand for you to test your know-how. Start with the easy ones and work your way up. Answers are at the bottom – but no cheating…


    1. Which continent is Thailand located on?

    a) Africa

    b) South America

    c) Asia


    2. Until 1948, Thailand was known as…

    a) Zhongguo

    b) Siam

    c) Saigon


    3. What is Thailand’s capital city?

    a) Bangkok

    b) Chiang Mai

    c) Phuket


    Getting trickier

    4. The most common religion in Thailand is?

    a) Christianity

    b) Islam

    c) Theravada Buddhism


    5. The world’s 12th longest river flows through Thailand. What is it called?

    a)  Huang Ho

    b)  Yangtze

    c)  Mekong


    6. Which creature is Thailand’s national animal emblem?

    a) Leopard

    b) Asian elephant

    c) Spinner dolphin


    Hard as nails

    7. What is the name of Thailand’s current king?

    a) King Bhumibol Adulyadej

    b) King Ananda Mahido

    c) King Maha Vajiralongkorn


    8. Which four countries share a border with Thailand?

    a) Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia

    b) Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia

    c) China, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia


    9. Thailand’s infamous Full Moon Parties began on which island?

    a) Ko Si Chang

    b) Ko Pha Ngan

    c) Ko Turatao


    Have a guess…

    10. What is the population of Thailand to the nearest million?


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    [ANSWERS – 1) c, 2) b, 3) a, 4) c, 5) c, 6) b, 7) a, 8) a, 9) b, 10) 69 million]