• We love a good old snoop through someone’s luggage to see what they’re taking on their travels. And we got to do just that, delving into the depths of our editor’s carry-on, before his recent trip to Mauritius. Stand by for the ultimate travel plug and why a pen could score you a date…

    Hershal Little America backpack This bag is brilliant in so many ways. First of all, it’s big, which is handy if your luggage has tipped the airport scales – you can decamp some items into this fella. Also, it’s got a padded inner pocket designed to protect laptops and tablets.

    The Gadet Shop universal adaptor With prongs and pins galore, this is the Swiss Army Knife of the adaptor world. It’s the one-stop gizmo that keeps me plugged in wherever I am in the world.

    Passport Let’s face it, I wouldn’t get far without this. I love flicking through it at the airport, looking at all the stamps I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s my travel memories trigger.

    Wayfarer Ray-Bans These classic, retro design shades never seem to go out of fashion. No wonder they’re the eyewear of choice of rock stars. What’s more they have the canny knack of suiting all face types.

    Bleu de Chanel This handy travel atomiser means I always step off a long-haul flight smelling of roses – or in this case, Bleu de Chanel. Handy when you’re feeling a bit groggy and sweaty post a long-haul all-nighter.

    Primark portable mobile battery charger My iPhone always gets a hammering when I’m on my travels – if I’m not snapping sights or listening to my holiday playlist, I’m bragging about what I’m up to on Facebook and checking in on Twitter. The result? I’m invariably low on juice. That’s where this device comes into play – giving your phone’s battery a must needed energy shot when it’s about to give up the ghost.

    Sony on-ear headphones Forget those pokey little earphones you have to shove halfway down your ear canal to get to work – they hurt, the sound is rubbish and they get tangled up like spaghetti. That’s why I invested in a pair of these babies. They’re comfy, fully envelop your ears to prevent sound loss, and you can sling them around your neck when you’re not using them so there’s no more scrabbling around in your hand luggage searching for a knotted mess. Plus, they plug into most airline seat jacks.

    iPad Mini Arguably the perfect travel companion. It holds all my essential holiday apps, like the XE currency converter and WordRef translator. I also use to it to download movies and series to keep me entertained on the plane, by the pool or on beach. I can blog from it, too.

    Pen Sounds so simple but you’d be surprised how many people forget to pop a pen in their hand luggage – not ideal when you need to fill in a landing card. But it’s a great way to get chatting/flirting with people in your row… “Would you like to borrow my pen?

    Magazines Nothing beats flicking through the pages of a glossy while you’re away. My reads of choice? Wallpaper* for its lifestyle insights as to what’s hot in the world of design, while The Sunday Times Travel Magazine is my Bible – it often provides the inspiration behind my latest flight ticket.

    What’s in your carry-on bag?