• Selina Akhtar

    Bikinis, sun cream, sunglasses – check. How about gym equipment, clocks and turkeys? Probably not what we’d usually pack, but some holidaymakers have very different ideas of what they’d consider to be ‘travel essentials’…

    Much as we love jetting off to exotic destinations and soaking up the local culture, it’s nice to have some home comforts too. We’re not adverse to packing our pillowcase, a teabag or two and even bringing our favourite TV shows to our resort. If you think that’s a little unnecessary, here are some seriously odd items people have tried to take on holiday…


    Even if bringing the gun show to the beach is your no. 1 priority, packing dumbbells is a no-no. There is a luggage limit after all. However, some gym obsessives have been known to use up a precious 20kg of their 22kg luggage allowance for their weights, leaving a mere 2kg for their speedos and protein shakes.



    You might have taken a week’s worth of Barry’s/Yorkshire/Tetley tea on holiday, but have you taken the kettle too? Tea fanatics from all over the world have been forgoing their shoes and hairdryers to make room for the kettle. Never mind sun, sand and sea – it’s all about a cuppa.

    Family pet

    We know bunnies deserve a break too, but sunbathing and watersports aren’t usually their activities of choice. This hasn’t stopped various holidaymakers trying to take their pet rabbits to Tenerife – even though they’d prefer a mountain of carrots (and to see the back of their owners). Other animals that have almost endured a package holiday include guniea pigs, hamsters, snakes and goldfish.


    Wall clock

    There’s no need to pack your grandfather clock – they do have the time in Spain. Rosemary from Devon disagrees and, before every holiday, prises the clock from her wall to pack in her suitcase. She says, ‘I like to fall asleep to the sound of my ticking clock so I always take it with me,’ despite it having a diameter of one and a half feet.

    10lb frozen turkey

    If you love nothing more than a white Christmas, celebrating in the Med is ill-advised. Glynn from North Wales was so concerned that sun, paella and sangria were not festive enough, he decided to bring Christmas to Spain himself. He trotted through customs with the heftiest turkey he could find until the security staff (who stole Christmas) managed to confiscate it.


    A stuffed gun-toting Armadillo wearing a tiny hat and a cowboy badge

    Enough said.

    What unusual items do you pack in your suitcase?