• Annabel Langley

    Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the world’s gone selfie stick mad. While most of us use them to snap the odd landmark or group photo, these Instagrammers have taken it a step further #nextlevel…

    We’ve all been there – if you don’t take those holiday selfies, then how are you meant to make your friends jealous? Well, these selfie lovers must have some hard-to-impress friends. Forget photos in front of the Eiffel Tower – they’re getting predators involved, leaping out of planes, and living life on the edge, literally. Here are some of our faves…

    The Landmark Selfie

    This guy’s made all other viewpoint photos seem pointless by taking a selfie from the top of Rio’s Christ the Redeemer. Before you go booking your plane tickets, they don’t let any-old tourist do it – you need special permission from the tourist board and it’s a pretty precarious climb up 12 flights of stairs.

    The Mid-air Selfie

    A photo posted by @monopod_ilike on

    Ever done a jump or flip you’re really proud of, but everyone missed it? Thanks to selfie sticks, you can capture it and whack it in the holiday album, so everyone will see how much fun you are…

    The Skydive Selfie

    A photo posted by @monopod_ilike on

    Because how often do you jump out of a plane?

    The Party Selfie

    Clearly Brazilians know how to throw a party…and use a selfie stick. Sometimes a photo of you and your friends just doesn’t cut it – you want the whole crowd involved.

    The Great White Shark Selfie

    A photo posted by Ross Blagg (@rossblagg) on

    We think this guy has managed to snap the ultimate animal selfie. Most of us would think twice about even getting in a cage surrounded by these toothy predators. But, this fearless guy went cage-less to make sure he got a fin-tastic photo with a great white shark on Mexico’s Guadalupe Island.

    The On-the-edge Selfie

    As if Norway’s Fjords aren’t breathtaking enough, Marina Botnen managed to snap this shot where she’s just casually hanging out above one. We’re not jealous at all…

    The Skyscraper Selfie

    A photo posted by #Exthetics (@daniel__lau) on

    Otherwise known as the Vertigo-inducing Selfie. If you’re afraid of heights, then look away now. Rooftop photographer Daniel Lau took this shot 1,135 feet up Hong Kong’s fifth tallest building, The Center. At the top, him and his crew took photos, a video and ate bananas – all totally normal.

    The Elephant Selfie

    Ok, this one might be ‘irrelephant’ – geddit. But, even elephants are getting in on the selfie stick action, because their trunks aren’t quite long enough.

    What kind of selfies have you been taking this summer?