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These Adorable Sloths Are Waiting For You In Costa Rica

Calling all sloth fans! It’s Independence Day in Costa Rica and we’ve rounded up some of their fluffiest sloths with some pretty inspirational rescue stories. Warning: this post is dangerously adorable

It’s Costa Rica’s Independence Day, so we’re looking at Costa Rica’s best bits to celebrate. No it’s not coffee, Imperial beer or rainforests – although they’re all pretty great – it’s the country’s amazing animals – especially sloths. We’ve got the low-down on the amazing rescue stories of Costa Rica’s cutest residents who live at Toucan Rescue Ranch in San Josecito.


millie 2
I arrived at the Ranch about seven years ago as a tiny one-month-old baby. My mum had died and I was found by park rangers. When I was dropped off, the park rangers warned the Ranch that I might not make it, but with the help of a great vet and an intricate caretaking plan, I’ve pulled through wonderfully.

I’m a bit of a celebrity, being the star of a book called “Millie, the Two-Toed Sloth: A Costa Rican Rescue Adventure”. I’m also a sloth ambassador, and help with lots of school programs. I’ve travelled around central valley for educational talks and have been on TV a couple of times – I even have my own YouTube channel. But I don’t let the fame get to my head.

Hobbies: acting, teaching students, travelling



I was really poorly when I first arrived at Toucan Rescue Ranch in March 2008. My mum had passed away at the vets from complicated ailments and I was starving and dehydrated, but after intensive care I recovered and now thrive at the Ranch!

I am sort of a ‘father-figure’ for the other sloths at the sanctuary. Some get very nervous and don’t use the bathroom, so I encourage potty training by showing them how it’s done. It’s a great help, as without going to the toilet, they could become really ill.

Hobbies: helping other sloths use the bathroom, eating leaves, hanging out with Millie.


Ty 1
I arrived at the Ranch in December 2011 after my mum had a fight with a Rottweiler and unfortunately passed away. I was left crying in the tree above, when Toucan Rescue Ranch came to my rescue. When I arrived I was only 900 grams and suffered from bites on my neck and ear. I was quickly nursed back to health, and today I feel great! I am so fluffy and I’m growing up fast and getting bigger every year.

Hobbies: flirting with my best friend Stella, swinging from tree limbs and cuddling.


marley 2
I arrived with the Toucan Rescue Ranch on April 25, 2014. I am living at the Toucan Rescue Ranch because my mum was accidentally shot by rangers. My best friend is called Bella, and I prefer snuggling with her over a stuffed animal any day!

Hobbies: playing with my best friend Bella, making new friends and taking naps.


georgie 1
I am a two-toed sloth and I have lived at the Toucan Rescue Ranch since I was a week old. I was found at Barva Volcano by a Park Ranger in October 2009, and I was so tiny that I had to get extra special attention and care from Dr Janet. Now, at five years old, I’m the biggest sloth at Toucan Rescue Ranch and a fearless climber! My nickname around the ranch is ‘King Kong at night’.

Hobbies: climbing at night, playing with my roommate Twili – who I have a little crush on – and eating.


hanna 1
I’ve been living with the Toucan Rescue Ranch since November 2012. I was found in an empty lot, but was perfectly healthy. At first the Ranch thought it was my mum who went missing, but I reckon it was me who went missing! I’m somewhat of a Curious George, and sometimes climb and wander.
Today I am still small, but I have a huge appetite. I love wandering around the Ranch with my blanket in claw and living with all my friends.

Hobbies: climbing anywhere and everywhere, hiding my blankets and playing hide and seek.


You can learn how to help sloths at the Toucan Rescue Ranch here. There you’ll find out about how to visit the sanctuary and how to adopt some of the amazing animals there including birds, monkeys and porcupines.

Are you ready to go and visit Millie and pals? Click here to book your dream holiday to Costa Rica.

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