• Selina Akhtar

    Our #YourBigDay winners Jodie & Tim have just got back from their dream wedding in Mexico, and we were there to capture every moment. Here’s an exclusive look at how it all came together…

    600 couples applied for our #YourBigDay competition to win an amazing wedding and honeymoon package in Mexico, and after weeks of voting campaigns and workshops, Jodie & Tim were announced as our winners. We went to Mexico to capture the run-up to the wedding and their special day. Here’s what happened…

    Sunday – arrival day

    9.50am – Tim, Jodie and their family excitedly board the Dreamliner en-masse. The kids are particularly excited for their first long-haul flight.


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    2.50pm (Mexico time) – They arrive and have a couple of days to relax and enjoy their luxurious surroundings. Check out the beach below…

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    Tuesday – the day before the wedding

    11am – The wedding planner meets with Jodie and Tim to run through the final plans and check that they’re happy.

    12.30pm – Jodie and her bridesmaids have a hair and make-up trial at the Naya Spa. It’s just a little bit hotter in Mexico than it is in the UK, so they all sensibly decide to have their hair up.


    4pm – Our film and photography crew do a reccy of the sky deck to check that they’ll get the perfect angles and the best shots.

    Wednesday – Wedding Day!

    12.30pm – The girls are back in the Naya Spa having their hair and make-up done. Meanwhile, downstairs, the venue is being prepared. How amazing is this sky?


    1pm – Luckily, room and butler service comes as standard at the Generations hotel, so everyone orders lunch in-between rushing around.

    2pm – With just 2 hours to go, the wedding planners make the final touches to the venue and we’re on hand to help. Favours for the guests, activity packs for the kids and props for the selfie corner…


    2.30pm – The girls are finishing getting ready and touching up their make-up.


    3.45pm – We head up to the sky deck, and the guests start to take their seats.

    3.55pm – Tim looks pretty nervous, awaiting Jodie’s arrival…


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