• Selina Akhtar

    Bridesmaids – these essential items will help you solve any last-minute wedding day issues. Here’s how to pack your own DIY emergency kit to ensure the day goes without a hitch…


    Here’s what we packed in our emergency kit for this year’s Your Big Day wedding in Mexico

    1. Gel shoe cushions.
    2. Dove deodorant.
    3. Strawberries and cream hand sanitizer gel.
    4. Quickies facial wipes.
    5. Hair grips.
    6. Ampfly phone booster case – play music while you’re getting ready or use speakerphone when you’re busy rushing around.
    7. Elemis mini perfume.
    8. Batiste dry shampoo.
    9. Vaseline.
    10. Nail file.
    11. Alka Seltzer travel pack.
    12. Lavender pillow pouch – make sure you get a good night’s sleep before the big day.

    Essential for a wedding abroad…

    13. Hope and Willow sandalwood fan.
    14. Superdrug shine blot papers.
    15. Sun lotion pouch.

    Top tip: grab some straws from the bar so you can keep hydrated without ruining your lippy.

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