• If you’re using Twitter’s new app Periscope, here are the people in the know you need to check out.

    Chances are you’ve probably heard of the latest app on the block, Periscope, by now. But if not, here’s a quick guide to the latest craze taking the social media world by storm.

    Periscope was created by those clever folks at Twitter, and it allows you to be transported into other people’s live right around the world. You can discover new places, events and experiences all by joining in live streams set up by fellow Periscopers. The videos can be anything from whale watching in Iceland to admiring a sunset in Dubai, or watching street performers in Covent Garden. The app gives you a taste of cultures around the world, as well as inspiration for future holidays – all without even leaving your living room.

    There are hundreds of online tutorials to help you use the app if you’re unsure, and once you’re up and running these are the travel-themed Periscopers you need to be following…

    1. The Crowded Planet 

    Who: The Crowded Planet are a husband and wife duo who love finding nature and adventure everywhere they go.They make the perfect travel blogging team, with Margherita being a travel writer from Italy, and husband Nick a photographer.
    Expect: With interests in mountain climbing, rock climbing and cross-country skiing you can expect some pretty adventurous Persiscope videos.

    2. A Traveling Toad


    Who: A Traveling Toad has been using Periscope to livestream his adventures since its launch in March 2015, and uses the app as his number one travelling companion.
    Expect: Videos of the undiscovered parts of Thailand, where he is currently staying.

    3. 2 Monkeys Travel 

    Who: A Filipina and British couple who met and fell in love while traveling. They started 2 Monkeys Travel as a forum to share their travel experiences and also show people that it is possible to quit your jobs and travel the world.
    Expect: Inspiring travel stories, advice and travel guides.

    4. Lonely Planet


    Who: Bred from giving advice after an adventurous honeymoon trip to Australia, Lonely Planet has now become the most successful travel publisher in the world.
    Expect: Expert advice and top tips from over 195 countries.

    5. Travel With Kat

    Who: Kat is one of the founders of the Periscope for Travel Blogger Facebook Group, so you know she knows her stuff. She’s also worked in the travel industry before turning her hand to blogging, so her travel expertise is second to none.
    Expect: Kat is a published photographer, with a passion for sustainable tourism, so expect some very interesting and thought-provoking videos of new destinations.

    6. Blogger At Large

    blogger at large periscope screenshot

    Who: Megan is a serious travel pro, with several awards, a weekly radio show and tonnes of newspaper publications up her sleeves. She also co-founded the Random Act of Kindness day in New Zealand – what a lovely lady.
    Expect: Exclusive behind-the-scenes adventures, from getting made up with airline staff to working in some of the world’s favourite restaurants.

    If these Periscopers have left you feeling inspired, check out our website to hunt for your next adventure.