• Selina Akhtar

    The 50 most popular resolutions of 2016 were recently revealed and they include all the classics – joining the gym, eating all the superfoods and saving money. But will we stick to them? If you’re already struggling on day 4, here are the holidays that will help…

    Eat well and exercise more

    When you’ve spent a good few weeks overindulging, making the switch to a diet of quinoa, coconut water and flax seeds can be a pretty harsh transition. Add a sun-soaked holiday into the mix, however, and you might be a little more enthused. Our Robinson holidays are specifically designed to keep you on track with an active, healthy lifestyle. There are over 70 health and fitness classes to get involved in per week and special WellFood eateries that serve up nutritious food and smoothies. So, no cheating then…


    Spend less time on your phone/watching TV/staring at a screen

    Distraction techniques are the best way to keep your face away from your phone, so pick a holiday where there’s loads to see and do. You can explore India’s golden triangle, ride all the rollercoasters in Florida or try extreme sports in Costa Rica. Pack in a ton of new experiences and you definitely won’t have time for faffing around on social media (apart from to upload the odd amazing picture, of course).

    Read more books

    A paperback is the perfect travel accessory for everything from the plane journey to the sun lounger. Pick a destination with the nicest beaches and you’ll have ample time (and excuses) to get through those holiday reads. The Algarve in Portugal boasts a coastline of Blue Flag beauties including crescent-shaped bays and secluded coves, or head to celeb-fave Barbados where you’ll find no less than 92 kilometres of white sand – and possibly Simon Cowell. We’ve even created a reading list for you, so you’re set.

    Girl reading on beach

    Spend more time with family…

    …and make it quality time, too. We know how difficult it is to keep every generation happy – especially if you’re travelling with the whole clan – so we’ve designed our Family Life holidays to cater to everyone. There are heaps of entertainment options, facilities and special areas to suit every age group, plus family activities which you can all enjoy together.

    Stress less

    You’ve only just recovered from the stress of organising Christmas, but now you’re back at work catching up on millions of emails. Seems like only an extra-luxurious holiday where you can truly switch off will make things better, right? Our 5-star Sensatori resorts are perfect for recharging those batteries. They feature swim-up rooms where you can go from bed to pool in a matter of seconds, a la carte eateries and calming spas to restore your inner zen.


    What are your new year’s resolutions?