• Bet you didn’t know our Thomson Cruises excursions include touring Lisbon by Eco Tuk Tuk or gliding through St Lucia’s rainforest on a zip-line? Here’s some of the exciting ways you can explore our ports of call…

    Civitavecchia, Italy – Rome By Segway

    Italy’s Eternal City is packed full of ancient landmarks and awe-inspiring sculptures – and whizzing around on your own two-wheeler is the best and most fun way to see them all. You’ll get a practice session first, of course, and an iPod with a detailed commentary for your two-hour tour. And while you’re zooming along the cobblestone streets you’ll see Castel Sant’Angelo, the Fountain of Four Rivers, the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, to name a few. Once you’ve dropped off your Segway, at a centre conveniently near the Vatican, you’ll have time to explore the Pope’s home or head back to one of the landmarks that took your fancy, safe in the knowledge that you’ve covered everything.


    St John’s, Antigua – Swim With Stingrays

    You’ll be spending most of your time on the sea, but there’s a whole world to explore beneath the surface as well. At St John’s in Antigua, you can take a unique stingray snorkelling trip at the aptly-named Stingray City, which is home to more than 30 rays. You’ll hop on a boat and travel along the shores of Antigua, getting amazing views of the coastline, until the rays are located. You’re then free to touch, play and maybe even feed the rays, before getting into the water yourself and swimming with the triangular beauties.

    Lisbon, Portugal – Lisbon By Eco Tuk Tuk

    Why spend hours pounding the streets of Lisbon, when you can see all the sights while taking a leisurely ride in an Eco Tuk Tuk? These electric-powered Tuk Tuks are not only kind to the environment, they’re small enough to explore all the narrow backstreets and avenues of the City of Seven Hills, so you won’t miss a thing. As well as ticking off the gothic Jerónimos Monastery, the 16th-century Belém Tower and hilltop São Jorge Castle, you’ll also explore quaint boutiques, old-world cafes and bars playing traditional Portuguese music. Don’t forget to stop for a Bika break – Portugal’s answer to an espresso.

    Lisbon by Eco Tuk Tuk

    Castries, St Lucia – Treetop Canopy Adventure

    St Lucia’s amazing scenery was made for adventure-seekers. And, one of the ways you can explore the lush rainforest is by whizzing through the trees on a zip-line. On this excursion, you’ll drive along the winding northeast coast to the small fishing village of Dennery passing banana plantations as you go. Once you’re in the thick of the forest, you’ll be strapped to your zip-line and free to try 12 different zips. You’ll spot all kinds of exotic blooms along the way, and feel just like the famous St Lucia parrot, flying through the trees and reaching heights of over 150 feet.

    Willemstad, Curacao – Curacao Speed Boat Adventure

    This high-octane speedboat cruise combines a daring dash across the ocean with plenty of sights to see along the Caribbean coast. You’ll whizz past Devil’s Corner, get a closer look at the pelicans at Pelican Cove, and weave in and out of the islands and mangroves of Curacao’s Spanish Water Lagoon. There’s a beach stop, of course, where you can swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters, and plenty of sweeping bays and hidden coves to spot on your way back to shore.


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