• You might have heard the word thrown around a lot recently, but what exactly is hygge? And more importantly, how do you pronounce it? We explain what the recent trend is all about, and give you the lowdown on where you can get the ultimate hygge experience.

    Hygge, pronounced ‘hue-guh’, is a concept created by Danish people to celebrate the good feeling you get from making an ordinary every day event more special. It’s all about creating a warm and intimate atmosphere, bringing together cosiness, charm, security and happiness, and is a huge contributor to why Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world. It’s been all the rage recently, with people embracing life’s simple things like curling up in front of their favourite box set, lighting candles or baking their own bread to enjoy with friends. But home is not the only place you can enjoy the hygge lifestyle to the max.  Our Thomson Celebration ship, which heads to the hygge homeland, Denmark, in the summer months on our Baltic Classics, Baltic Discovery, Treasures of the Baltic, and Baltic Explorer itineraries, is also the perfect place to appreciate all things hygge. Here’s how you can adopt hygge on your next cruise holiday.

    Breakfast in bed

    Nothing says cosiness like breakfast in bed. Staying snuggled up under the duvet, while tucking in to your favourite cereal or pastry, is the ultimate hygge-way – making your usual breakfast meal much more special. You can order 24-hour room service onboard Thomson Celebration, and the bill will automatically be added to your onboard account. Or, if your perfect start to the day begins with jumping out of bed and dining in a restaurant, there are plenty of places for you to choose from, including Lido Restaurant for a full English breakfast.

    Take your time

    One of the ultimate hygge rules is taking time out to really enjoy the little things, and not feeling guilty about it. The Coffee Port is the perfect place to practice this. Instead of your usual gulping down your coffee before you have to go to a meeting or rush to do the school run, here you can sit and take the time to really enjoy a freshly-brewed coffee by yourself or with the people you love, and watch the world go by.

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    Get a new hobby

    Taking up a new hobby allows you to refocus, and to switch off from any stresses. Thomson Celebration has plenty of sports and pastimes for you to enjoy. It could be anything from taking up Zumba in the Liberties lounge at the centre of the ship, or heading to the Card Corner, a quiet hideaway,  to learn how to play bridge.

    Hygge is for summer, too.

    Hygge isn’t just for winter. While there’s plenty of mention of being warm and cosy, it’s a way of life that can be enjoyed all year round. Take your favourite book to the Sun Lounge to soak up some warm sunshine, or make the most of exploring brand new destinations when you dock at a port of call. Take bustling market town Kalundborg in west Denmark for example, which is included on the Baltic Classics, Baltic Explorer, Treasures of the Baltic and Baltic Discovery itineraries. You can explore its narrow streets, or get away from it all and head to the beach. Why not take a shore excursion to Copenhagen, where you’ll get the chance to bask in the sunshine and relaxed with your loved ones, while you glide through the waterways spotting sights like the Naval Church and the Christianshavn area.

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    Feeling more relaxed already? Head to our Thomson Cruises website to book your hygge cruise holiday.