• Selina Akhtar

    Did you know that making new friends from different cultures boosts emotional happiness by 10%? Thomson Cruises has teamed up with Yale University as part of its #CruiseMates campaign to put this theory to the test…

    Cruise passengers are a friendly bunch. In fact, one of the best things about cruising is bonding over shared experiences (and, of course, All Inclusive cocktails). After all, when you’re ticking off all kinds of bucket list adventures and hopping from country to country, making lifelong friends is pretty easy.

    And now, Thomson Cruises have teamed up with Yale University researchers to prove that these friendships benefit you emotionally, long after you come back from your holiday. In their ground-breaking research, they tracked the Twitter accounts of 7 million holidaymakers before, during and after their holiday, and proved that holidaymakers experience a happiness boost of 10% if they bond with up to five new people from different cultures during their trip.

    Cruise mates

    Earlier this year, Thomson Cruises invited six keen explorers on a mission to the Caribbean to meet as many fascinating people as possible. Hopping from island to island, their aim was to meet locals who live and work in paradise, and learn a bit about their culture. Using the hashtag #CruiseMates on their social channels, our carefully-chosen cruisers shared their journeys from ship to shore, showing you all the interesting people that you can cross paths with on a Thomson Cruises holiday.

    The team of adventurers included best-selling food author and chef, Gizzi Erskine. And, mother-of-four, midwife extraordinaire and Instagram star, Clemmie Hooper (@mother_of_daughters). You can catch up on their journey and browse their awe-inspiring photos here.

    Keep an eye on the Thomson blog for more on our #CruiseMates exciting adventures. And, let us know if you’ve made any lifelong friends on a Thomson Cruise.