• Lucy Perrin

    When it comes to booking cruises, it turns out your little ones have a lot to say. Don’t believe us? We teamed up with a leading psychologist to carry out a study of 1,000 British kids aged between six and 12 to learn all about what makes the perfect cruise. Below, you’ll find our top five tips for a family cruise, as chosen by the mini sailors…

    1. Stop worrying about work

    One in ten kids surveyed felt that their parents worried too much about work to truly unwind and enjoy time together. And, nearly a third of little ones stated that spending time with parents is the most important thing to do on a holiday. Aww. In comparison, a meagre 2.8% of kids surveyed said they’d want to play on their phone. So, take a leaf from their book, turn your work emails off, get the out office on and focus on holidaying in the moment. Why not make memories together at the Broadway Show Lounge on Marella Explorer, or get stuck into a family game of mini-football over the sports court?

    2. Get the kids involved with planning

    Research also revealed that kids thrive when involved with holiday planning. In fact, 59% wanted the freedom to choose family activities and 51% stated that they’d feel more grown up if their parents let them pick where they could holiday. Wondering what that wish list includes? We can reveal waterparks theme parks and pool days were firm favourites.

    3. Don’t forget the goggles

    We even asked the mini cruisers for their thoughts on packing. The most piece important of luggage? Goggles, according to 53% of little ones. This comes no surprise following the findings that swimming is high on most kids’ itineraries of must-do holiday activities. You’ll be pleased to know, then, that our All Inclusive family-friendly ship Marella Explorer comes with a huge outdoor pool perfect for splashing about in.

    4. Hold off on embarrassing pics

    20.8% of kids claimed ‘total and complete embarrassment’ when it came to mum and dad getting carried away with the camera. Don’t want to miss out on taking pics? If you leave the camera behind they might even be encouraged to take a few selfies on their own.

    5. Make sure there’s lots of exploring involved

    A quarter of kids said they’d rather get out and about exploring than stare at a mobile or tablet screen on a family holiday. With lots of ports waiting to be discovered, including everywhere from Singapore to Palma, your mini adventurers won’t be left disappointed. Exploring isn’t restricted to being on dry land, either. Marella Explorer comes with a sports court, kids club and mini golf – so there’s plenty to keep them entertained when roaming the ship.

    Want to find out more about this study? Watch the Saccone Joly family set sail on a family cruise, planned entirely by five-year-old daughter, Emilia. Or, if all this talk of kids has you thinking about a holiday free of little feet, check out our new adults-only ship.