• Lizzie Butler

    When Marella Explorer left port for the first time in summer 2018, we welcomed onboard thousands of passengers – and 850 members of staff, too. We caught up with some of our most experienced sailors, including Captain John Clark, General Manager Darren Tiller, and Chief Engineer Praveen Kaushal, to find out what excites them most about being on our newest ship…

    Captain John Clark

    What excites you most about working on Marella Explorer?

    John: The wealth of venues for our guests. There’s a vibrant feeling onboard, a great crew, and marvellous itineraries. And, from a seaman’s point of view, Marella Explorer is a dream to handle – it’s a sturdy ship, and handles weather well. We’re carrying the largest amount of guests in the fleet but this ship is larger, giving everyone plenty of space.

    Darren: Delivering a fantastic product to over 2,000 guests, plus 850 crew members. We’re one big family onboard, all working together to create memories that will last a lifetime.

    Praveen: Being part of a great team.

    General Manager Darren Tiller

    Which itinerary are you most looking forward to?

    John: I enjoy warm water itineraries, so sailing to destinations within easy reach of our homeport of Palma is a delight. And when it comes to winter? Sailing to our winter sun home port of Barbados, with its tropical Caribbean destinations, will be living the dream.

    Darren: All of our itineraries have so much to offer. But, “Highlights of the Mediterranean” has some of the world’s most historic cities – including Rome, Florence, Pisa, and Barcelona.

    Praveen: Cruising the Baltic and Norwegian fjords in 2019.

    Why did you want to work on Marella Explorer?

    Chief Engineer Praveen Kaushal

    John: This ship pushes the boundaries of comfort and luxury. And the more guests onboard, the more I enjoy my work.

    Darren: Having spent my entire career working in hotels, resorts, and cruise ships all around the world, I was excited to be part of a great company that is constantly expanding. It’s very rewarding to see our guests and crew enjoying themselves after all our hard work.

    Praveen: Taking over a ship is a very interesting and challenging project, so it’s fantastic to be a part of the process from day one. Seeing all the hard work pay off on Marella Explorer’s first sailing is really rewarding.

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