• Laura Clements

    After wandering through Salzburg’s cobbled streets and exploring its historic fortress and palaces, you’ll definitely be craving some afternoon strudel. Austria’s coffee culture goes back many years, just like the country itself. In 1703, Salzburg followed in Vienna’s footsteps and opened its first café. Since then, Salzburg has seen cafés pop up in all corners of the city, from traditional Austrian coffee houses to new, contemporary coffee shops. Here are a few of our favourites to try…

    1. Café Tomaselli

    Salzburg’s very first café has been run by the Tomaselli family for over 150 years. It’s an establishment rich in history – Mozart himself often enjoyed a cup of coffee here. Step inside and be transported back in time to an authentic Viennese coffee house, where traditionally dressed waiters serve you an array of delicious homemade specialities. There are Austrian classics like strudels to choose from or opt for a slice of ‘Erdbeerschüsserl’, a strawberry cake made with fresh vanilla cream and redcurrant jam that’ll quickly have your mouth watering.

    2. 220 GRAD

    Follow the rich aroma of coffee towards this modern café in Salzburg’s old town. Popular with young professionals and students, the cosy interior provides a welcoming place to sit and, if you’re feeling artistic, you can pick up a piece of chalk and brighten up the walls. On a sunny day, you can choose to enjoy your rich, home-roasted coffee outside on the patio.  Accompany your beverage with a chocolate-hazelnut torte or one of many types of chocolate cake – the perfect sweet treat no matter what time of day.

    3. Hotel Sacher

    Visit the luxurious Hotel Sacher and take a seat in its elegant café –  the birthplace of the rich and chocolatey Sachertorte. Served with a large dollop of freshly whipped cream, we can guarantee you’ll want another slice to take away with you. On a sunny summer’s day, choose to sit outside on the large terrace to admire views of the Salzach river, the old town and the castle across the water.


    4. Afro Café

    A taste of South Africa in Austria. Intrigued? You should be. This café’s bright interior sets the scene for its original menu. Sample the unique selection of teas that are named after African citiesmade with a refreshing combination of rooibos tea leaves, dried fruit and even flowers. Or, if you’d like a caffeine kick, try the creamy chocolate coffee – it’s an indulgent treat, particularly when you pair it with their speciality banana bread.

    5. Café Würfelzucker

    Directly translated, Café Würfelzucker means Café Sugar Cubes. So it’s no surprise that you’ll find a range of sweet treats to try inside. Grab your fork and savour every bite of one of their strudels – they’re freshly baked, warm, and dusted with icing sugar. They come in various flavours from the classic apple to a slice of apricot, rhubarb or cherry. Top it with vanilla cream and it’s a heavenly match for your taste buds. They’re all made from locally sourced ingredients and you can enjoy them upstairs on the terrace with views over the Salzach river.

    Apple strudel

    Check out these, and many more amazing cafés and coffee shops in Salzburg, on a day trip to the city, or as part of an Austrian multi-centre holiday.