• Laura Clements

    The turkey’s been eaten, the crackers have been pulled and you’ve been grazing on chocolates since breakfast – there’s no day like Christmas. So after your third helping of pigs in blankets, the only thing that can make Christmas Day even better is gathering round the TV and watching a classic movie together. To help you choose this year, here are some of our favourites filmed in Lakes & Mountains destinations… 

    1. The Sound of Music – Salzburg and St Gilgen, Austria

    A tale of families, wartime and falling in love, this is one for everyone to sing along to. So grab the kids and create your own Von Trapp family in the living room. In this heartwarming film that’s based on a true story, Julie Andrews stars as Maria, an Austrian woman who leaves a convent and moves into the home of a naval captain with seven musically gifted children.

    The Sound of Music is filmed in the beautiful Austrian Alps surrounding St Gilgen and Salzburg. And if the film has you dancing around the living room, our resorts in Austria will leave your heart singing. From your resort you can catch a classical concert in Salzburg, take in Vienna’s rich history and explore lakeside villages with staggering mountain scenery.

    2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Grindelwald, Switzerland

    The sixth instalment of the famous James Bond series, this action-packed film is just the trick for waking you up after your post-turkey nap on Christmas Day. Throughout Bond’s adventures, he finds himself in the snowy Swiss Alps where he tries to lure the bad guy into the hands of MI6. Can Bond win the girl and the mission?

    If you fancy paying the scenes a visit in real life, check out our hotels in Grindelwald. You can take long walks through the mountains you’ve seen on TV, but keep an eye out for baddies…

     3. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – Venice, Italy

    It’s the third film in the Indiana Jones trilogy and we can’t resist the dry wit and humour of a young Harrison Ford as he takes on another adventure. By following clues in the search for his father, Indiana travels to Venice to seek advice from an intelligent academic. But as the plot twists and turns, the intrepid explorer has to face both new and old enemies to win his dad back.

    You can even visit the Venetian church where Indy finds a vital clue to his dad’s location – it’s called the Church of San Barnaba. Take a look at our holidays to Venice, pack your pistol, your notebook and don’t forget to grab that hat…

    4. The Italian Job – Italy

    A movie that often makes an appearance on Christmas Day. It stars Michael Cain who plays the thief plotting to rob gold in Italy by getting a computer whizz to organise a traffic jam. It’s a must-see if you haven’t already, with some great lines to quote throughout the evening.

    The original was filmed and set in Italy and if you’ve fallen in love with the mountain scenery after the film, start planning your Italian getaway.

    5. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Poland and Slovenia

    Enter the world of Narnia on Christmas Day as four English siblings discover the snowy, magical world during World War Two. Filmed in Poland and Slovenia, follow the children through wintry scenes as they join Aslan to fight against the evil White Witch. Transporting you to a winter wonderland, this film is a perfect pairing for Christmas Day.

    For a taste of Narnia in the summer, check out our stays in Poland and Slovenia.

    When the credits begin to roll, have a look at our holidays and start planning your own adventure.