• Laura Clements

    Italy is famously home to pizza, pasta and, of course, soft, sweet gelato. Nothing beats eating food in its origin and Italian food will soon have your stomach rumbling and your mouth watering. Prepare to be tempted as these will get your taste buds tingling…


    From the fresh lake waters straight to your plate, fish is a must-have in Italy. Lavaret, sardines, pike and perch are just some of the local fish served in the restaurants around Lake Garda. You’ll find them grilled, boiled or fried and seasoned to perfection with garlic and parsley.


    It’s hard to resist a hot slice of pizza. Especially in Italy, where the uniquely crisp bases are topped with fresh tomato sauce, soft mozzarella and fragrant basil.


    It wouldn’t be Italy without it. Check out Riva’s Flora Gelateria for some of Lake Garda’s creamiest gelato and choose from scoops of various fruity concoctions to rich chocolate flavours.


    Sink your fork into the velvety combination of coffee, mascarpone cheese and cocoa as an indulgent after-dinner treat.

    Olive oil

    Olive trees grow by the hundreds around Lake Garda. Try extra virgin olive oil in Malcesine or Limone for some of the best. Savour its distinct, nutty taste in a salad, drizzled on fish or simply use it as a dip for bread.



    You have Italy to thank for your caffeine fix – it’s freshly roasted, full-bodied and strong enough to wake you up every morning. Stand at the bar in an Italian café and take a quick shot of espresso or sip a frothy cappuccino before moving on with your day.


    Try the traditional pasta for the region you’re in and it’ll be expertly seasoned and served al dente. Watch the grated Parmesan melt on top, grab your fork and tuck in.



    Lick your lips, grab a glass and take your pick – the wines in Italy are deliciously smooth and rich in flavour. Tuscany is known for its winemaking estates, which produce a range of high quality local red wines called Super Tuscan wines – keep an eye out for Tignanello and Sassicaia.


    An Italian twist on traditional nougat, you’ll find this sweet treat sold in rectangular tablets that you can break up for a nutty snack.

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